Is it safe to buy used pedals off of Ebay? I honestly don't have enough money to buy new ones, but it seems tat alot of people are selling their pedals for cheap, under 20 bucks. Can I trust that these are in working condition? Has anybody had any bad experiences with buying used pedals?
no they're great to buy used because they're USUALLY durable
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As long as the seller's rating is high and you read the entire auction page, buying secondhand is usually almost always dependable and a lot cheaper than buying new gear.
yeah and if it happens to not work and you got ripped off, if you did it through paypal you can usually get a refund back if the product was misleading.. like they said it worked fine when it didn't really.

Just check the WHOLE description, return policy, and check the seller's rating.

A seller with a good rating probably wouldn't sell you a bad pedal. If it did have something wrong with it, he would say so.
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