well I have an old blank pickguard for my fender jazz bass and I was wondering if there was a way to put a piccture directly from a print out from my printer onto it? maybe trace idk, any help would be appreciated
I've answered this one many times.
If you want to put a picture on your pickguard, the best way to do it is . . . . . Don't.
If you put something on top of the pickguard, it will scratch, peel, or fall off. What you want to do is buy a clear one, print out a picture, and put it under. No scratches, no wear, and it's easy to change if you get bored.
I dont really care if it peals off eventually cuz I'll probably end up putting stickers on it after a while
Be hard to feed a pickguard thru a printer. You would have to use the smallbear stuff or paint it on.
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