On another thread I started I asked opinions on the SSS Standard Strat vs. the HSS Standard Strat. Based on my music preferences of classic rock, and blues. Most suggested I go with the HSS Strat. That was a fine until I ran across the J5 Telecastor. Now I would like to hear the pros and cons of each model. Would the HSS Strat still be the best choice or is the J5 something I should investigate further? I don't see a lot written about the J5.
An HHH guitar seems pretty pointless. I read an article where they said it made it a little harder to play too. J5 looks pretty awesome to me, but you sacrifice the sound of the strat's single coils. Plus if you're getting a standard strat, wouldn't it be significantly cheaper as well?
Oh... in that case, even though I like strats, that J5 looks pretty cool. Guess it's preference then.
I'm talking about the J5 with 1 single and 1 humbucker. Not the J5 triple with 3 humbuckers. That one seems a little overkill.
your pick up selection and amp may follow the feel of the guitar but YOU need to decide if you like Teles over Strats.

It's almost but not exactly like Gibsons over Strats. Not tone wise mind you but apple to oranges.

EDIT: again no offense as i just told you to start a new thread on this topic...only giving you MY opinion.

again TS no offense as this is way open for suggestions as i recommended and support

either guitars will 'talk' to you or they won't. Can you play thru both or no?
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I don't know what you mean by "can I play through both", I just started playing again after a 20 year break. Still trying to relearn. So many choices now.
Sure, there's a guitar store up the road from me. I plan to go down this weekend and play both of them.

EDIT I value all suggestions, thanks.