Alright, well, here's the story: I already know which two guitars on I'm deciding on, so whoever replies, I'd ask kindly that you didn't suggest another guitar, because I'm sure on these two guitars.

What makes this a hard decision is that I'm also buying a new half stack with this guitar that I choose, but the thing is, I only got to try one of them out on the stack I was buying. Of course, the guitar sounded amazing.

Actually, before I go any further, let me tell you the two choices I've been thinking of:

Dean Cadillac:

-22 Frets
-Non Floyd

BC Rich Deluxe Jr. V:

-24 Frets
-Tremolo Capable (It has a Licensed Floyd, but I'd just rip it out and get an Original)
-It's one piece (I think that's called Neck Thru, I can't remember...)

OK, I basically listed some of the important specs of each instrument. Now to someone who plays metal, this would seem like an obvious choice, eh? But I already have a guitar with EMGs and an Original Floyd Rose (Schecter Hellraiser), so the Floyd and pickups aren't a big factor this time around.

I also played the Dean and it sounded like the best damn guitar sound I ever got out of an amp, but I don't know how the BC Rich would sound through the 'stack. But something that I had against the Dean I played was that when I would do bends on the 22nd fret, it was just really tight as hell and hard to bend, so that's something that'd go against it. But isn't that fixable? I don't know...

What do you guys think?

By the way, the stack is Bugera 6262 Tube Head and a Behringer BG412 Cab.
Get the Dean.

I don't hate B.C. Rich like some people, but the Dean is what you need right now.
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Why not just use your current cab? That Behringer is a step down.

Guitr wise, I'd go for the Caddy. It's had some great reviews, it's more versatile and looks miles better.
Where are you getting the JR V from?

I, unlike locals on this forum, am not a BC Rich hater, but the only JR V i can find (looked in the catalogue also) is the reverse headstock kind, where does that one come from?

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If I did get the Jr. V, it would be from Musician's Friend.

So someone said that the Behringer would be a step down...so should I just keep the Marshall 1960 Lead Cab?

Also, like I mentioned earlier, on the Dean, it was hard to bend up at the 22nd fret. Is this something that's fixable?