Is this a good pickup for playing thrash metal like slayer, and how would it compare to a emg 85?
Lol, people on here act like amps are so cheap and that you can just run out and get a new one.

EDIT: But is the pickup atleast good?
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Well, I never said it was cheap, or that it worked that way.

You bought a cheap okay sounding amp because it was a halfstack, and now you're trying to squeeze metal tones out of it by changing pickups. Now you're paying for it.

Pickup swaps are going to make a minimal difference in your tone - they don't affect your tone that much, and especially not through crappy amps.

EDIT: Don't double post. Use the edit button like I did. And no, the SEYMOUR DUNCAN Dimebucker is terrible.
So if I bought a guitar with a Dimebucker... Then over time got a new amp, the guitar would sound like ****?

Would you recommend an EMG 85 instead?