Ok guys I'm having a hard time making a decision between these two. I know that Yamaha FGs are great guitars but when I asked the seller about it's spruce top, he said that it's not a solid spruce top compared to the Ibanez ac90 which is a solid top guitar. Doesn't all the Yamaha FG series have Solid Tops?

A little help on this one.

Oh and by the way, the Ibanez AC90 and the Yamaha FG251 Prices are almost the same cause I'm buying them used.

Ibanez = $156
Yamaha = $145

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Those vintage Yammy's are NOT solid spruce tops. However, they are still very well built and sound nearly as damn well as one. I own a FG345 myself and I'd put it up against any solid topped guitar under $300. On the other hand Ibanez has pretty shady construction quality, so with that said I'd go with the Yamaha. Those vintage ones have killer tone for a laminate, perfect for a camping trip or something.