Will this workI think this would work but i am not sure of a couple thngs.

HSH configuration with 2 PRS Dragon II humbuckers and a fender single coil
I have 1 vol push/pull and 1 tone push/pull with a on/off/on switch. The on offf on controls the 2 hums. 1 p/p pot turns on the single coil, 1 p/p/ pot to tap the hums.

The PRS pups have only 1 hot, 1 tap, and 1 ground wire. I guess the one tap wire is the same as the red and white wires of a duncan pickup together.

Pull first pot to turn mid on and off
Pull 2nd pot =coil tap
so with 3 way swiitch in pos 1 i get neck tap pos 2 i get br tap

i am not sure what leads go where on the 6 lugs on a p/p pot to tap the coils the in and outs etc.

My switching would be :
full neck hum
full br hum
neck tap
br tap
neck tap + mid
bridge tap + mid

Can anyone figure this one out or lead me in the right direction