i was looking around and heard some great fuzz pedals. i am interested in the zvex fuzz factory and the lovepedal 200lbs of tone. the dilemma is that i want i nice smooth sounding fuzz with great sustain but that can still get that crazy harsh muse fuzz when needed. they both seem awesome but they also dont seem too versatile, like they could only do one end of the spectrum well. help please...
The fuzz factory is great, and so is the the woolly mammoth. Also, bostonrocks sells boutique fuzzes.

Also, check out earthquaker devices. The have a vast array of fuzz and distortion pedals, like the hoof fuzz and such.


Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys uses a hoof fuzz.
You can dial in some smoothness with the Fuzz Factory, but it takes tweaking. It's a very versatile pedal, but tough to get that versatility out of it live. You'll want to have your settings written down. I don't know of any other fuzz that can give you that Muse sound, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one.
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The fuzz factory is incredibly versatile, but like slats said, it does take some serious tweaking. That said, if you take the time to tweak it, you can get some pretty amazing fuzz sounds. Also, when combined with an OD/boost pedal, it can warm it up and smooth it out, or atleast thats what Ive found when Ive paired it with my OCD.
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the mi audio neo fuzz cant get very high gain but its very versitile. it has great tone and will get any kind of tonal shape you want. i think it is more refined and smoother than a fuzz factory though. probably not what you are looking for... you could use it in conjunction with something else to make it sound silly though.
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i just got an analog man sunface its rely great, it can be high gain with the fuzz nob cranked and the guitar volume at ten, but its also one of the most smooth fuzzes that Ive ever seen, it rely get those classic Gilmour and Hendix tones perfectly