does anyone know of a song like disturbed's Inside the fire, where at the last part of the solo when the beat drops and he does an ascending scale type of thing? its alot of fun to play and its not that hard, i was wondering if you guys could hint me in a direction of a few songs with riffs and solos like that. Thanx in advance.
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Try Queen's Bicycle Race. All the ascending scales your heart desires, in a neat little package.
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kinda weird but thanx, thats the kind of stuff i was looking for
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end of crazy train solo by ozzy

1st four horsemen solo by metallica
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Protest The Hero - The Dissentience, most songs of theirs
Dream Theater - many songs, The Dance of Eternity,
John Petrucci - Lost Without You

Its like a diminished scale thingy if i'm not mistaken..
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Aha of course.

That was the song that I could hear in my head as I read the OP.

But TS, if you think I Am The Anger is hard, well, prepare to shit bricks with this one.

But, work on it, from slow to fast. It'll keep you occupied for sure.
There is one in the middle of "For The Love of God" and it is pretty insane.