What is the difference between the two, besides the tolex, the name, and the fact that the Palomino is discontinued. I'm interested in either the 15 watt or 5 watt versions.

Anyone? I've played through both of them, but it was almost a year ago...
I've heard that the V series have a little more gain than the Palomino.
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Some of the V series are American voiced. They have 6l6 or 6v6 tubes I think and the Palominos have EL34 or EL84. Aesthetics is the other thing.

The V33 on down all run on EL84's, just like the Palominos, but the new V50 runs on 6L6's rather than EL34's. That's the only obvious difference I've seen.
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I think the palomino series was all tube and the V series is hybrid, power tubes with SS preamp.
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Both are all tube - Palomino is vintage voiced and the V series is more modern, harsher gain and such. Both use EL84 like slats said up to the V50.
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Nope, V series is all tube too

Well the specs say just 2 EL84's. I figure those are power tubes, so where's mention of the preamp tubes?
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Both are all tube - Palomino is vintage voiced and the V series is more modern, harsher gain and such. Both use EL84 like slats said up to the V50.

Does the V series have an extra gain stage?

What are some adjectives you would use to classify the tone of each?
I'm not sure about the gain stages - that's a good question though - I know the V series has something like 2 more than the typical vintage amp, giving it the modern voicing. The gain is harsher, but not in a bad way, some say it has a nice sort of squish in the od, I might end up swapping for a palomino at some point out of personal preference. The palominos are more classic rock and blues, where the V is modern rock, decent cleans at lower volumes, it has what seems like really late breakup (too late) with single coils, but humbuckers have a nice round sound if you eq it properly. Stock tubes are crap, I don't even remember what brand, but they get far too much treble - that's one of my main complaints with the amp is the treble. I might do a speaker swap as I think the stock speakers are some low-end model made overseas.

If you can I guess I'd suggest looking around for one of the older American model palominos - better quality in general, speakers, parts and such.
Sweet, gonna take a listen now.

I'm interested in the 5 or 15 watt models, uses mainly being as a recording amp.
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How does it sound? Sorry for the bad playing guys. Just me messing around with some stuff. I had to look up some songs for the heavy clip so that is probably the messiest. Comments and ratings are welcome.

haha i was like wtf? this guy sucks at playing!!!!

lol, it's all good though, the other clips were nice man!!! sounds like a good little amp
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It's a great tone. I liked the lead tone you used a lot. It would be perfect for some Chicago style blues. You wouldn't happen to know how to play slide, would you? It would be great if you could do some slide clips.
Nope, sorry to say I've never tried slide. It would be something I would learn to do though.

If I was better/more confident I would do some more lead stuff. I would end up just doing the same licks over and over though. Need to work on my improv some more.
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Don't we all...

Does the 15 watt model have built in reverb? Or tremolo?
Do you know if the 5 watt version has reverb? I really want a 5 watter for recording purposes, but I need reverb. I'm probably gonna end up buying a tremolo pedal.