so iv been learning and playing classical gas heaps lately, and its the most iv ever been fingerpicking.

at first it BUBLLED UP
then the DEFLATED BUBBLE SKIN got torn up and pulled away,

is there any creams, ointments, home brews, old wive tales things that i could do to make my fingers heal up, and hopefully calluse.

everyday, non prescription things would be best, or even stuff like soaking hand in warm water or something.

what works?

thank you
That's nothing, I can stick a needle in my ring finger to the point where it stands by itself.
As for your hand, you're just gonna have to suck it up and take it like a man.
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i wasnt posting for it to look heaps bad or something.

it just hurts to play guitar at the moment, so i was hoping for responses helping me find something to speed up the healing process so i can play again.
Just keep em clean, wash them regularly, and play other songs with a pic so it has time to heal.
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Well, I think you could use anti rash, mosquito bites, burns ETC type creams.

But time and cleaning is the best treatment.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
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My whole index finger on my left hand is all scabby, it didnt even blister just got thick and rough..
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My fingers are hardened up now but when I started playing guitar if I was having a major practice session with my band or a gig where I'd have to be playing for a long period of time I used to put glue on my fingertips so I could play for a few hours without wrecking my hands.
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Rubbing alcohol. It will hurt like a bitch, but it will work.
Stop playing guitar so much will fix it, it may be hard but it will be worth it
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