I am doing a performance every night for a week in two weeks, and i need some way of controlling my volume.
Don't suggest turning the volume knob on my guitar, aside from having horribly scratchy pots, I can't really do it mid song.

I have the following at my disposal -

Ibanez 320FM
Peavey Rage 158
3 cables (i have access to more)
Boss Super chorus (CH-1)
Boss Metal Zone (MT-2), and please, it does the job. Leave it at that.

I was thinking of getting a volume pedal, but the cheapest I've seen them is $132, and I don't have two bucks to rub together.

I was thinking using the chorus pedal would be the best idea, since having the chorus at lowest level gives a soft reduction in sound, and for any bits i need loud i can flick on the metal zone or the chorus off.

If you've got any other (sensible) ideas on how to do this, I'd love to hear them.

It may also be worth noting that I am going to be plugging into a PA. Either via headphone jack on the rage, or straight into the mixer using my metalzone. Both ways sound shabby, but ohwell it's only a school performance.
Peavey Rage 158
Ibanez RG 320 FM
Boss MT-2
Boss CH-1
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Do not plug the metal zone straight into the mixer. It does not send a line-level signal and will sound like pure crap. Use the headphone out from the peavey.

As for the volume, if you're going to plug the peavey into a mixer, just have the soundguy (if you have one) adjust the volume for you a you need it. Just give a thumbs-up for more volume and a thumbs-down for less.

If you don't have a soundman there, just get a friend to do it.
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check ebay or trading post for volume pedals you can usually find some pretty cheap ones there
Well my friend and me are both playing in the band, and we're the main sound guys at school.
Which is pretty pathetic.
But don't even get me started about how pathetic my school is. Just yesterday I found that someone has (god knows HOW) broken the lever on snaredrum of the brand new drumkit, so it no longer switches between "whack" and "bong".

Anyway, back on topic.
I'll go back to plugging the peavey into the mixer, hopefully i'll be able to find another ok-ish cable at school, since most of the ones there aren't shielded.
Do you guys know if a Boss ME 50 has a volume pedal function? My mate's just bought one for himself, I could try ask him if I can use that.

Or I could use a keyboard's sustain pedal as a footswitch on an Ibanez TBX65R, in conjunction with the stereo output of the chorus pedal for when i need boosts in volume.

Oh, and another thing.
I've found a marshall footswitch off an old (broken) valvestate. But the footswitch doesn't work with the ibanez amp.
It looks to be in ok condition, but it doesn't switch the channels when clicked.
Any ideas about that?

And futsal, I am not in america/uk, so ebay isn't really an option.
Plus i am broke. As in not even $1 in my pocket. So buying one isn't an option.
Peavey Rage 158
Ibanez RG 320 FM
Boss MT-2
Boss CH-1
Belcat Delay
Digitech Jamman Solo
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if you can scrape literallly a few dollars and can solder you could easily make a small volume-knob-in-a-box, like an exact replica of your guitars volume knob, and you can set it to quiet and have a true bypass switch so you can remove it and go back to full volume

2 jacks = $2
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Yeah the ME-50 has a volume pedal function, when theres no effect for you to use the pedal (if you get me, like wah etc.) you can use it as a volume pedal I'm pretty sure. Otherwise there's gotta be a volume effect.