Hey, this is a song by my band Send My Regards. We are melodic death metal/metalcore.

If you want the guitarpro to go with the lyrics just add/message our myspace and i'll send you it

Rise up and cleanse the earth with fire. Victory slips from our weary eyes as we watch our idols fall. Fallen to a sickly evil, wept from the haunting depths. Coughed forward from hell, to tear this earth apart. A world of terror is created, rivers flow with blood. Mankind’s morals fall to voracious claws that tear the flesh and carve the bone. All flaw eradicated, weakness annihilated. There’s nothing left save us, the end of days draws near. Looming death weighs us down. A once immortal being reduced to mere shadows, now a servant to the dark. Our faith in heroes - forsaken. An irreverence is born!
In general lyrically there's nothing new here . Its a common idea for a metal song . I've heard this kinda lyrics so many times that they don't have any impact on me . Musically it might be a gr8 song with awesome guitar work with a bit of melody in it but lyrically nothing new .

Just try to explore your ideas from different perspective and who knows what you might come up with . One more thing insert some line breaks that way you might get more critiques and your song will be more readable .

Thanks for critiquing me and learn how to crit properly