hey im starting to write some of my own songs and i'd like to learn scales what is the best way to learn them without a guitar teacher is there like a site or anything?
There's tons of sites. Use google. But it would be helpful to get a teacher.
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This lesson : http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/scales/modes_explained.html
and then after that this lesson : http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/the_basics/modes_ii.html

Both of them helped me alot. Basically what I find the best way is to take a mode that you want to learn, say Aeolian in the key of E. Find all the notes in that mode, then sit down with your guitar and a pencil and paper. On your guitar find every fret that can be played in that scale, write it down on paper. Once you've done the entire fretboard you have complete E Aeolian scale chart on paper. For practice...break it down into sections...one section can be like 2 or 3 notes per string...its like how you learn the Pentatonic scales in boxes.

The important part is finding them yourself, as that really ingrains it, quicker than if you were just told.

Just practice them like, 3 notes on the E string, then 3 on the A, then 3 on the D, so on up to your high E string. Then move over a few frets and do it again. Its very important to practice ascending and descending, and even odd patterns, if you only do them one way, you're going to teach your ear only that one way of listening to them.

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Just play them. Improvise solo's and stuff. You will hear what notes are good. It will take a little bit more time, but after it, you will know scales a lot better then when you use software or something. Of course you need to know SOME notes, but I won't recommend learning the entire guitar neck by using an internet site, and not knowing how to play it. Just be patient. It will be a good training for your ears too