Hey man, I think your tracks sound great! I honestly can't find anything wrong with them, guitar sounds great, and vocals sound clear and really suit the style. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the comment !

I like your songs too! they are nice and soft to listen to.
keep the good work up!
^Thanks guys. Keep Loving's one of mine yeah

I wrote it in the style it sounds now, but with a different chorus but I wasn't and wasn't happy with it. So I re-wrote it in a more laid back reggae style, then as more of a ballad, then realised it was just the chorus that I was unhappy with, and went back to the way it's meant to sound wit ha new chorus - so it's been thorugh a lot.
dude, "From the Middle of Nowhere" rocks!!!! totally lovin' it
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Glad you like it! I'm proud of that one, one of my faves.

I just posted my first blog, and there's tunes and vids on the page for ya's too!
I generally don't give a review of cover tunes, so I'm going to skip the first two tracks and start with "Keep Loving". I like your voice - a lot. It sounds great, and so do the acoustic guitar. I like how you can make layers sound really good without sounding sloppy or off. I love the vocal harmonies.

The acoustic guitar in "From the Middle of Nowhere" sounds terrific. I like the slides - they add a lot to the music. Are you singing and playing at the same time, because it's truly impressive if you are. I know I've already said this, but you've got a good voice. I'm quite jealous.

The next two songs generate the same response from me. You've got a great voice. These are all really well-written tunes, and they're very catchy. I love the harmonies throughout them all too. Great stuff. Give my acoustic stuff a listen of you've got the time. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
Thanks - that's great to hear. That version of '...Nowhere' was actually tracked (sadly) not live, though I'd like to think the live version isn't that far behind

The covers were done live, everything else is overdubbed.
Oh awesome! I meant to comment on this thread, I have your cover of "Is This Love" on my MP3 player, and I love the cover you've done of All Along the Watchtower. You've got a great voice. I'll go on and bookmark your page now so I remember it.
Hey guys, BUMP! But a valid one, there's a new video on my page, a new song, and a new picture (whooop)

Comments are much welcomed and appreciated.

Much love

is this love: excellent acoustic playing. the vocals are rather beatlesq (rubber soul era) the chord proggression is soo catchy.

purple haze! ****ing right. i love doing this song acoustic. your guitar tone is really nice. what do you use? anyways, your vocals aren't quite jimmy style, you lack some of the huskyness that he had. good stuff.

keep loving: all your chord proggressions are good. i like the multitracking in this, although it sounds like your not quite used to mixing multiple guitar tracks. the vocal in this are really good, especially with the harmonies.

i watched your vid too. you should mic your guitar/run it through an amp. it was too quiet. i enjoyed this stuff.
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