I have a question, so I have a cube 15x amp and wah 535Q pedal
so I connect pedal with my amp and guitar, but wah just doesn't sound right, I am trying to get wah effect followed by disortion for Jimi Hendrix sound , but doesnt sound right, my tone just gets brighter thats all, my amp has built in effects, like Boss od, disortion, metal, metal stack, maybe thats the problem? Maybe wah just doesnt sound the way it should if I have built-in disortion?
Or maybe my wah is just f****d up?
Please help me.
Ofcourse its on, but it doesn't quack even after I configure all possible effects and variables on the pedal, amp just doesn't give me nothing near the sound of Jimi Hendrix.

So I wonder if its amp or pedal fault.
Just to clear this up: You are pushing the pedal up and down, right?
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