Ok so the day my dad first bought me a guitar a few years ago tried ever so hard and i practiced everyday but slowly it just kinda wittled away and i became a casual player but recently i picked up my guitar and started learning some as i lay dying ad ive total fell in love with playing guitar again like the entire spark is back to just want to learn and practise to get better, anyone else ever had this?
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Pretty much this!

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But.. I neglected my guitar for a year or so.. Just didn't have the time or motivation. But now i'm back and trying to learn more stuff! But i'm definitely a casual for fun player
nope i play everyday...even if its just for a few minutes
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i used to play nearly every day but it was just messing about i never really tested my self and would give up if a song was to hard but ive got my drive back to sit there with a section onguitar pro on a loop going over and over till i nail it perfect about 5 times i a row
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Yeah. I got really into acoustic playing about a year ago, I've been going much more strongly since.
I had the same problem... I stopped play for quite a bit, about 6-8 months, I was just playing for a few minutes. Then I heard John-5's 'Damaged' and learned it in 5 hours and have been playing for about 2-4 hours a day ever since.
I had a few months where I had no motivation. Then I properly listened to a band called Sylosis and that got me back into it.
Well, it hasn't happened to me with guitar...but it's happened to me with other stuff.

For example, I've fallen in and subsequently out of love with Pokemon about 4 times.
I've gotten out of the habit of playing my bass every day, but I'm sure I will get back into it soon, hopefully.
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yeah all the time.. i go for months without really playing then i get really back into it, my problem is unless i'm in a band i don't have the motivation or energy, and i'm always really busy
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yeah around a month after i bought my first guitar, i stopped playing and just gave up. but about a month after that, i sat down and started to learn stairway to heaven, and havent looked back.