I'm selling my baby due to emmigration. Just sold the amp so there's nothing to plug her into any more

The specs:
Ibanez S520EX Lead Guitar, Black- Wizard II neck, 3pc. Maple Neck, Mahogany Body, 22 Jumbo frets, Bound Rosewood Finger Board, ZR Bridge, IBZ INF1 (H) Neck PU, IBZ INF2 (H) Bridge PU, S520EX Special Inlay.

She's in beautiful condition and comes with a silver flight case and strap. She also has gold strings which I've found give a lovely full sound and are great for sustain.

The headstock has the RG logo on it but this has caused a lot of controvasy over wether it's an RG or not. I bought the guitar new with the logo already on, but to avoid arguments I'm not advertising it as an RG.

Oh yeah, the price.. £180

Email me at colin.nunn@ccnhosting.co.uk for a viewing.
Where are you living/shipping from and how much would that cost, I get paid next friday and I'm seriously interested
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hey where abouts are you selling it from in the uk? also is it still available ?
I havent got the money now but if i can get it in time then i will definitely buy it. Where do you live btw.