The fuse has blown in my peavey 6505 and im not sure which one to put in it
i ordered ones that had the same name but they were to bigger.
does anyone know what type i can use
I'd get a pro to look at it in that case, or check out the Peavey website. I'm now paranoid about blowing a fuse in mine
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just look at the how many amps the old fuse had and order the same kind.
my 5150 combo uses 3 amp fuses i believe.

don't be paranoid about blowing a fuse, it's the easiest thing to replace, a 5 year old could do it.

just make sure the amp ratings are the same
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Take the old one to radio shack or something .Find one that rates the same that is the same size.
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Just go to an electrical store - they had plenty of them when I went because I blew mine in the 6505+
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