This is something that I came up with when my bass wasn't with me !
It isn't finished but I think it sounds kinda cool! I would like your opinions(should I finish the song) !

C4C (a link would be appreciated )


The intro was pretty cool. But when the drums were added it kinda killed it. I'll admit, though, the drums did grow on me, but at first its like, happy calm melody...DRUM!! Whatever the second melody thing is was pretty good too. I especially liked the lead guitar melody that is added around 33. I thought that the chord progression could have been resolved better though, like ascending again or something. Overall, a fun piece, and I'd like to see it finished.

I need some ideas to go about re-writing this song, so throw the comments at me.
Yeah, the intro is not too original, but as a whole package it's quite good. You should definitely finish it.