So I'm not too happy with my Jackson and am looking to trade or sell it and get a new guitar. The other day I was in the music store and i saw a guitar that looks pretty similar to this.

I played it for a while, and really like the feel. So what do you guys think about the quality of Michael Kelly guitars?
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If you really like the feel, then what does it matter? They make pretty good, lower priced guitars and I've been looking at trying one out myself, but I don't have any dealers near me.

If you're worried about sound, see if the store either has the same amp as you do and play through it, or see if you'd be allowed to bring your own amp to try the guitar out on.
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Yeah, I really do need to drag my amp in there. Anyway, thanks for the advice.
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I've played the Patriot Black and some other model (I don't remember the name) and they seemed nice for the price.
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