I Have a question, i want to connect my guitar en microphone to my computer to record. my girlfriend can sing realy beautifull and i'm playing the guitar for 3 years now, so i want to record soms songs. we don't want go to a recording studio cuz that's to professional. it has to be realy low buget en has to fit into my bedroom :P.
I came acros this: http://www.emu.com/products/product.asp?product=10447
i can connect my guitar to it but the microphone seems to have another kind of plug.
do i have to but somthing between it? or?.....
can someone help us with creating a very small recording set?.

Nick Hoen
What kind of guitar do you have? If it's acoustic, I can see a way to record with less than $200 total, including the microphone.

And you can't connect your guitar to the Emu sound card. There are technical reasons. The microphone won't work either as it needs a preamp. I'll explain it once you tell me your situation.
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If you're recording acoustic/quietish then I'd suggest just buying a portable recorder. It's a hell of a lot easier.

You can buy a Microphone to 1/4 jack (microphone to amp) lead if you really want to though.


ORRRR Just plug a microphone into your pc and use Audacity.
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