I've been saving up for a new guitar, I almost have enough money for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard or I keep on saving for an Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul

Either I can get a Standard in a months time or get the Ace Frehley one by Christmas. My mind is on these two guitars and nothing else.

What would you choose?

So far I only have 370 Ewros, The Standard is 410 and the Ace Frehley is 700

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I'd just get the Standard and hot-rod it.

1. If the pickup selector is like the Black Beauty, that is, not a six-way, the 3rd pickup on the Frehley will be a hindrance rather than a help. Less sustain, and less tonal variety.
2. I personally wouldn't play a guitar with someone else's name on it.
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I agree to just get the Standard. If your looking for a similar sound you can just add in the pickups later, well aside from the middle which like Flying Couch said is more of a hindrance than a help.