ive got an ibanez rg series and am installing a killswitch but have a question on where to place it in the circuit.
everything is installed, i just need to know if the switch needs to be connected between the killswitch and volume knob. is this the best place in the circuit so that i dont get Pops when i press the switch?
If your killswitch is just grounding the signal, you shouldn't get pops anywhere. Popping noises are usually caused by mechanical components of the switches. Really cheap toggles in particular can make HORRIBLE thuds when they're flicked.

What switch are you using for the killswitch?
a little 3 dollar square red, "Usually on " button. got the part # from a mod site
the best place I think would be right before your output jack. And some people get really nasty pops. Some people don't i'm not really sure why, but it probably does just have to do with a cheap switch
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put a high ohm resistor across it to stop the thuds

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1- You probably want a Normally Open (off) switch.
2- You can put it anywhere, as long as it grounds the signal when pressed.

You won't get any pops, either. I made one in pedal form for changing cables (putting them in guitars is pretty useless imho. [And I HATE Buckethead.]).
I agree Jim, I put one in my guitar and regret it. But if you really want one, I put mine between the ground and middle pin of the volume pot. I do get popping though, only noticeable when it's clean though.
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killswitch pedal FTW!

FOR THE LOSE! unless you plan on switching guitars or something and don't want the buzz, it's a pain in the ass.


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For those who do get this pop, I came up with an idea. How about this, I don't know if it's easy to execute, but still: instead of grounding the signal, send the signal through a different potentiometer (which is on 0 and floating around in the control cavity), so that it acts like you turned the volume to 0 real quick. In other words, no sound.

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dont you need a normally off one other wise your have to hold it down for it to work?
Yes, rancid.

And asfastasdark: The CCW lug on volume pots is grounded, so either way, it grounds the signal. Plus, with that way you'll have something rattling around in there.