i was thinking about the Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH120RHS 120W 4x12 Guitar Half Stack. it seems like a great amp with the tone i want. but the only thing is that its not tube. i dont know if i should consider getting a tube. i mainly play metal.

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It really isn't that good...save a little more and get a Krank Rev Jr stack.
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im assuming from your icon that you llike metallica. so then i recommend you save up for a krank or mesa boogie or genz benz... they all will give you a good metallica tone.
that new randall stack? thats all tube, there was like a 4 page article about it in the guitar world kirk was featured in like 2 months ago.

EDIT: my bad man im thinking of the rm100kh, i just went to look it up in that article haha
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What you linked is one of the too many overpriced SS half stacks. If you don't mind not getting a half stack you can a tube amp that suits your needs like a Bugera of some sort or a Randall RG50TC...