I have my first job interview in an hour and I don't know what to bring. It is my first job, so I don't have a resume. Anyone help?
Be polite, ask questions, and most important, smell good.
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My advice is to not work there
Make sure if they ask if you have questions that you have questions to ask that don't concern pay or work hours.
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Dress like a mexican.
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Dress like a mexican.

I love you Kensai
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I need a job and walmart is the only place out of 20 that is hiring. And, I can work night shifts and walmart is open all night. I'll probably get another job as well
just make sure you get everything written down, work hours, workdays, pay and such...
with it written they can never blow you with that.

EDIT: and make sure they won't "drive you over" (don't know the English for a swedish expression). if they want you to work at inhuman conditions, such as 12 hour days or something like that, make sure to protest.

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Dress like a mexican.

seriously lol'ed at that..
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Hell yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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Tell em you have no education.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Tell em you have no education.

I dont know if he wants the manager position man.....

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wtf. just go in and be like i dunno wtf im doing can i have a job. and they will just be like hehe lulz hey here you go come in tonight and we'll rape you then give you teh job lulz.

walmart always like that. dont trust them
First off, they have 3 separate interviews.

First interview is going over your application very briefly and getting to you a little bit. Generally done by an hourly employee that has the role of department manager.

Second interview is done by a shift manager, and they ask you about what you want to achieve and the likes. They also get your explanations to questions from that 80 question questionnaire that the computer deemed unsatisfactory.

Third interview is done by the store manager. That is when you are offered the job.

I found that a member asked same question in this forum some months ago.

Pls use search box to find this questions with comments
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I found that a member asked same question in this forum some months ago.

Pls use search box to find this questions with comments

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Wal-mart would be impressed if you show up alive.

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Dress like a mexican.

And be a woman. The two Walmarts in nearby towns both have tons of mexican women working there.
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You won't need a resume for Walmart. Dress nicely, but not too nice. It's only Walmart.

Judging by the people I've seen working at Walmart you should be fine. In fact you might be too smart/over qualified for them.
I wonder if he ever got that job...
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I wonder if he ever got that job...

Just realized old thread is old.

He probably didn't, and then killed himself.