so im recording with my emu 0404 usb 2.0 interface and i keep getting this wierd hissing....my acoustic doesnt have a built in pick up so im plugging it in using a dean markley single coil pick up...listen to the song in my profile called..."wierd hissing sound" and let me know if u got any suggestions on how to fix it...oh and im recording into audacity right now if that makes any difference
it could be that the pick up is also capturing backround white noise from near by electronic devices, so what you could do is try unplugging anything possible that is not neccessary atm and try recording it that way
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hmmm never thought about that, what if i just moved to say...the bathroom when im recording cuz like my room has a ton of stuff plugged in and it would be suuch a pain but like my pick up has a really long cord so i just got out of my room that could work too no? well ill give that a try and tell u how it goes