I'm playing a Taylor T5 and hopefully a new strat very soon.. Through a Line 6 spider valve and fender '65 twin. What are some pedals that should be essential to every player. I play mostly blues, some heavy stuff, but alot of clean. I'm looking at a keeley katana clean boost, clyde mc coy wah, t rex delay, and an ibanez ts808
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I mean what are some of the most essential ones to have in your rig?

Heres my ideal setup which is what im using now.. OD, Noise gate, Delay, Eq pedal... I own a wah but never use it and never use my body rot pedal... So basically those 4 pedals and im happy...

Now others might list off 20 pedals.. It is really just relative to what you play and what you like... I've tested everything and it came down to those 4...
Everyone has different needs from pedals. I myself have 4 overdrive/distortions and 1 delay pedal. and the wah i hardly use. But you probrably just need an overdrive pedal for starters. and a wah if you need wah.
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