The thermometer is going up in flames
It's hard to admit when your the one to blame

So you learn, learn the hard way
This is something that cannot afford to wait
Turn, turn your head away
Easier to deal with it when it's too late

This must have started a long, long time ago
When will you believe what I already know?


Do you not see the canary
In the coal mine?
The reservoir's running out of space
And we're running out of time

I'd rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I am not
-Kurt Cobain
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i love the chorus, and the last verse.
the first two lines are also very good, matched to the two after the first chorus.
f*ckin sick man.
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I hate trying to cover up my cheese in school because the bimbo next to me dislikes the smell of pure love.

I'm bringing farts back!