Hey I want to learn an Iron Maiden song to further my playing but i'm not sure which would be the best one to learn. I haven't heard many but I know Steves a good player but which would be the best to learn which would challenge me ?
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trooper or run to the hills?
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Number of the Beast helped me alot. Oh and Run to the Hills that Helped me add my ring finger to help me finger.
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Wrathchild is quite good if you want to challenge to left hand (if you're playing "normal")
You like it
phantom of the opera is a VERY good one to learn
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I like "The Trooper" on bass, a pretty simple song over all, all you have to do is concentrate on getting that gallop down.
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Yeah depends how hard you want to go. I recommend the trooper for almost pure galloping practice. If you want to go some harder stuff look at the Powersave album, Rime of the ancient mariner is great for endurance and quite tricky.
Losfer Words is a tough one awkward patterns and heavy use of both hands going at full speed at the same time.

But some of the easier song you can look at are Children of the Damned and Can i play with Madness.
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I say Killers, Rainmaker, Revalations, or Murders in the Rue Morgue. That one has a cool intro
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Rime of the Ancient Mariner off of Powerslave is a really good one, I always liked Revelations off of Piece of Mind to, its not that difficult but I always warm up before a gig with that one, and Aces High, idk what it is about that one, but no matter where I am or what bass Im playin or whatever I always catch myself playin that one.
Oh and try Invaders off of The Number Of The Beast, thats got a really sick bass line imo, definitely one of my favorites
22 Acacia Avenue is relatively simple too.
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The trooper is a good one once you get it going...
Try 'The Fallen Angel' off Brave New World, if you're up for a challange (you have to play the intro so fast its unreal)
Futureal is probably the best option if you can get the chords :P :P
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Depends what you want to improve.
Want to learn galloping? the trooper.
Endurance? Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Left hand technique - Number of the beast.
Phantom on the Opera is really good
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I'm gonna have to agree with "Flight of Icarus".
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