ya im not much of a song writer, i just recently got into singing while playing acoustic, anyways i wrote all the rythem and lead guitar parts for these lyrics and it has a hard rock/metal sound like old metallica (except the chorus, idk why) i dont know what to name it either

Verse 1:
I am your master I
am your leader I
I am the voice within
that seems to always win

I always deride at
all this hate inside
I will never lose, why
Why can’t you just subdue

Lights are dimming, darkness is filling
Compunction is killing, one more time

I can see the truth that’s enclosed in lies
It builds up, even when you close your eyes
It’s like this past will never condone you
Sticking to your memory like hazardous glue

Verse 2:
I am the angry tone of what
You cant control, and I
I threaten never to leave
To see what you will become

And when you sin once more
I’m always there to adore
Your desperate face of fear
The one you can’t bear

Pre-chorus 2:
Thoughts are leaking, mind is shrieking,
Soul is breaking, happening once again

Chorus 1x

Pre-solo verse:
You’re lost within yourself
There’s nothing to do to help
This is the way it’s going to be
Smiles fading, pain is set deep

Chorus 1x

if you want suggest anything that should be re-writen or what can be taken out