hey i've been having these terrible internet problems recently. My internet is going so slowwwwwww!!! Its been slow for the last few weeks but today its at its slowest. Does anyone know any way to fix this or at least improve the speed? i already tried rebooting my computer and that doesnt work.

Btw i use Safari web browser and i tried using firefox and internet explorer but they both are slow too

If you're on a laptop go ahead and reboot your router.
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even if you're not on a laptop go ahead and reboot your router, gets clogged up with crap from time to time, so i'm told anyway.

Failing that, could it be a problem with your ISP?
Could be a router if your using DSL. Could be antivirus as well (especially Norton products as they update continually and they have like 12 processes running in the background for no real reason). Could be you need to empty your internet cache & temp files. Could be someone else (or a bunch of people) has been added in on the phone junction box in your area and it is at it's max. I have had this happen repeatedly for years with Verizon service and about every 6 months I am calling tech support to send out someone and take a look at the lines.
clear out your cookies, if youve been online for a while and never cleared them out it will cause problems.
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