Hey there

Ok so I was wondering, whats some of the easy(er, is any Zappa stuff actually easy?) Zappa stuff to start learning. I mean, Willie the Pimp is like a 9 minute guitar solo so obviously not that but I am interested in learning to play some of his stuff so any recommendations?

Thanks for your help and time.
Before you try any pieces you want to learn his style. There was an article in guitar one last year on it. Just listen to him and try to learn his phrasing. I have to learn sweep picking then I'll bee alot better at his style but my soloing style is getting pretty close to his. You need alot of right hand attack with the pick and heavy use of the dorian mode. I think Peaches en Regalia is just about the easiest Zappa piece but I'm sure the solo requires sweep picking maybe stuff off of the album Freakout or other earlier records.