I am looking to upgrade to a middle of the road acoustic (solid top, decent workmanship, etc.) I am thinking about going with a smaller bodied guitar since I really only play for myself or maybe a few other people...and the fact that I'm a smaller guy. Right now I am looking at the Epiphone EL-00 and the Takamine GS430S which has the NEX body. Any recommedations about which would be a better buy? If I were to go with a regular dreadnought I would probably go with the Yamaha FG700...Any thoughts appreciated.
Try seraching in the Web for Yamaha FS720S. It's a smaller-body acoustic, and people say it's good. Never seen it myself, but already ordered, will own in a month.
Check out Blueridge guitars. Also maybe a seagull folk.
Please note that the EL-00 has a much smaller nut width. That's its main selling point; it's made for small hands. Whereas the Seagull Grand has a very large nut width (characteristic of Seagull guitars).
Sincerely, Chad.
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