Anyone know any good deals on 50 Watt guitar amps? I saw this one:
http://www.lsaudiotech.co.uk/50-watt-guitar-combo-amplifier-61-p.asp and wondered whether any one knew anything better for price. That Stinger one is £149 which is roughly my price range but does anyone know a better amp for a good price or do you think that is the best deal? Any help would be much apperciated.
I've never heard of that amp, and seeing as it's a solid state it's probably not very good. Is this just for practice? If not you really need to up your budget since there really isn't anything that's good for gigging in that range.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
It is mainly for practice and possibly some small gigs, might up my price to about £180 or £200 though.
Amp looks like some ****tier version of the MG. Wouldnt bother tbh.

Do you gig? Do you need the 50 watts?


Thats the best youll do prolly.