Poll: Which Mic for Live Guitar?
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Shure 58B
0 0%
Shure 87A
0 0%
Shure SM58
2 67%
Peavey PVM480
1 33%
Voters: 3.
So for our church band's performances we need to mic a fender blues junior. Which Mic would perform best in this application?
-Shure 58b
-Shure 87a
-Shure SM58
-Peavey PVM 480

out of those the 58, but you should get the SM57
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Chea_man is the best.
Also i've given the 58 a shot and it is great for a vocal mic or maybe a room mic but up close and personal it clips and breaks up way to quick just an fyi on why i would pick the sm57 or other mic's over it...
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honestly man, the SM57 (just take the pop filter off your SM58 and that's the only difference) is the live WORKHORSE for the entire industry. In every studio and venue in the world, you will find a pile of 57s. The SM58 is excellent for live vocals but its pop-filterless brother the 57 is also used very commonly for recording guitar amps, snare drums, toms, whatever!

Stick with the SM58 without the removed pop filter and throw out your Peavey mic!
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