This probably is a really stupid question and i apologise if i waste you time making you read this.

But i have a mate who, as proved today when we were messing about with my guitar, batters the hell out of his strings. Its not so bad acoustically, you cant hear it that badly. But when he plugged it into the schools Laney amp, you could hear every little fuzz that he made and it sounded so harsh and made me cringe at even some of the favourite songs. It made me worse when he played my guitar, which had the action set too low and get a bit of buzz when you hit the strings hard.

On a side note, he also insists on playing louder than me, which annoys me when he hits the strings as hard as he does.

Any advice to get him to stop hitting the strings so hard without him hitting me in the face?
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um...Get hit in the balls??
Or tell him!
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A guitar player that insists on playing louder than everyone else?
I don't believe it!
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Tell him to f*ck off, don't let him on your guitar, and get a 1000w tube amp, that'll show the bugger.

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lay off the guy? it's his life, let him play how he wants to.
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my advice, find some one else to jam with. and dont let this fool play your axe.
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maybe a string will brake and snap back to his eye...he wont be so enthousiastic then.

or you could rig his/your guitar to do this!!
There is nothing wrong with hitting the strings hard. It is a technique. The force with which you hit the strings is what creates dynamics.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...