Headin to school this fall and thinkin i'll need an attenuator so i don't piss off roomates. Looked them up and most are over 200$.... I bought a guitar and an amp this year and can hardly afford to spend anopther 200 on this thing... Are there anygood cheap ones people have any experience with??
You have a solid state modelling amp, you have no need for an attenuator. Just turn the volume down.
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weber mass, you'll need 75-100 watt attenuator and its about $170
The weber mass is probably the cheapest option as far as attenuators are concerned, still fairly pricey though.

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Hate to suggest it, but maybe you shouldn't take your VK to school. Get a headphone amp or something bedroomy for school. It would definitely be cheaper than the attenuator you'd need.


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^Agreed. The amount you'd need to attenuate would still make the amp sound kinda crappy anyways. Some people think they can work miracles when in all actuality they work best when you're not using their full power.
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