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Go for it!!
8 57%
1 7%
1 7%
Do sonthing else
4 29%
Voters: 14.
i have a boring old squier strat HSS as my main guitar, soon to be backup (like 2weeks till i get my new guitar)

So i was thinking of pimping it up

I was going to Install a Floyd Rose then sand off the paint and then use some soft of varnish or clear finish then install a matching colour brown pickguard. I would use Dual EMGs or maybe GFS crunchy rails/Power rails I woulkd use a 3 band EQ and then a volume control

So, what do you think or do you have any suggestions
You don't need mods to make a strat sound good.
You need them to make a strat sound different

Anyway yeah, go for it, as long as you're not planning on routing a cavity for the trem to pull up as that is a bit of work!
But other than that yaeh, though I wouldn't have four knobs on the pickguard in that close proximity.
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personally i dont know what mods you can put on a strat to make it sound good

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Really, really, really, hard to route for that trem, I'd stick with the one it's got. Also, how about a clear pickguard with woodgrain, just sand out the inside of the guitar aswell.
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... You don't need mods to make a strat sound good.
You need them to make a strat sound different ...

nickbob00, as long as you're confident with your woodworking skills, go for it. If not, I won't risk it, even if "it's just a Squier" because that thing has so much potential, an opinion.

Go with Natural or a Stain if the grain looks decent or interesting. Otherwise, go with an opaque color with some unique design. This is your guitar so you need to do what makes you happy.

He can just stick the floyd rose int he route and not have it pulling up, as long as he fills the previous holes and drills some new ones for it to fit on.
apparently the rails suck from GFS.

maybe some other pups?

as well, i'm with the other guys on a number of things:
1) knobs: need to be further apart...
2) bridge: royal pain to rout for
3) black pickguard, please, cause it's rare as hell that you'll match your guitar at all.

especially if it's a squier. probably alder, or if you're lucky, basswood.