1st of all, what is the point in using a tentuplet or twelvetuplet? I am surely misspelling this because I don't know exactly how they are called.

2nd What is the point in using a 14/15 time signature? It was extremely odd because I don't know what note lasts for a 15th of a beat.
Typo? I don't believe that there is a 15th note. Did the ink fade or something and it said 14/16?
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Quote by TheShred201
1. Sometimes you want to have a certain number of notes in a certain amount of time, but there aren't any specific notes that fit that amount of time. It's the same reason one uses triplets.

I know, but "tweltuplets"? Who uses that and why?
1. A 10-tuplet is 10 notes played in the time of 8 and a 12-tuplet is 12 notes in the time of 8; these are "often" written with 10:8 or 12:8 written underneath.

2. I've heard of rumors of such meters being used in India music, but for the most part, the bottom number will be 2, 4, 8, or 16.