First of all, hello bass forum. Been lurking a while and finally joined this community!

Now, I've been looking at a Fender Jazz of sorts. An American is most likely out of my budget range, so I'm either going to get a Mexican and upgrade the bridge and pickups or get a Deluxe Active Jazz.

My understanding is on a standard Jazz, there is a vol knob for each pickup, and one tone for each so you can blend the different sounds of the neck and bridge pickup for different tones.

For the Deluxe, the specs say master volume, pan pot, and a 3 band EQ. Now i just may be being stupid here, but does the EQ allow more tones than being able to choose which pickup to use? I would assume you would lose some tonal range by being forced to have both pickups on at the same time.

Thanks in advance
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You're not forced to have both pickups on at the same time - the pan pot chooses how you blend the pickups together. If it's all the way one way then you just get the neck and if it's the other way you get the bridge - in between you get both.

3 band EQs are great and much better for tonal variety than a passive tone pot.
Ahh ok, I was unsure of what a pan pot did. Haha that was easy enough, thank you.
the minimalist σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ