I have the slash signature epiphone les paul. ive gotten my fingerprints allll over it and have a few minor scratches. I wanna knwo how i can refinish it best for very little cost. i wanna refinish the body and neck, headstock, basically the entire outer area. what do i use? andy specific products work best? nothing fancy just want it to look liek when i t was new. suggestions? links to the products suggested are greatly appreciated!
That guitar like, just came out, how did you **** it up so badly already?

Oh, and you WIPE fingerprints off, and don't worry about tiny little scratches, you'll always get those. (I actually took out a chunk of finish right down to the wood of my SG by smashing it off a desk )
just polish it and the fingerprints will come off. as for the scratches, you said they were minor so you could probably buff them out. i don't really think a new finish is in order.
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lol. what i ment was which brand is best. if so is there more than one type of polish or is it straight out simply guitar polish
Usually it's just bog standard guitar polish. I don't know really what the "best brand" is. Just ask someone in the shop, they'll help ya out
You could try spraying some of that Pledge Lemon Spray stuff on your guitar and wipe it off with a dry cloth. It's what I do and it works like a charm.