Cub trip to Aldershot army days.

Lots of fun running about with tanks and guns and assault courses and things.

One display had a big collection of weapons to play with - pistol, rifles and machine guns. No ammo, obviously, but the squaddie in charge was enthusiasticly showing us eight-year old psychopaths how to c0ck a light machine gun and pull the trigger. Clackety clackety clack.
That was great.

Later on that day, me and five or so mates were clambering over an armoured car thing, which had a machine gun mounted on the top of the turret. Ah cool, thinks me, I know how to work these now. So I pulled back the charging handle and pulled the trigger.

Clackety clackety clackety. No ammo in it, of course, but by some complete conicidence of timing an old 1940s barrage balloon on the other side of the field chose that moment to catch fire.

I was CONVINCED I'd just shot it down.

The squaddie looking after us, the bastard, must have seen the look on my face and said something along the lines of 'ooooohh, you lot are in big trouble...if anyone finds out..'

Even though I had been the one pulling the trigger, all five of us were fully shitting ourselves now.

'mister, please don't tell on us'.

The squaddie goes very serious and says
'ok lads. But you must never tell a soul about this.'

We solemnly nodded, and none of us EVER mentioned it. Not even to each other. On the trip home the other kids were talking about how cool it was when that balloon caught fire.

We never said a word.

I was about 14 before I realised that the bastard was teasing us and there was no way on earth I could have shot that bloody thing down.

Tell the Pit how your school trip spiralled out of control.
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Well, it wasn't a school trip per se, but anyone from the school could have come to it.
Anyway, it was a trip to Brazil and Argentina.
One of the hotels we stayed at wasn't the best. So, I'm rooming with my two other friends, Tom and Tommy, and we decide to look out the window.
Tommy's watch falls down 14 stories, so we all run down to get it.
Turns out, there was a bar across, and some Brazilian lady comes out with armfuls of beer bottles and throws them at things, including us.
There's my share.
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One time, I was on a trip to Washington D.C., and I saw Elvis.

I swear, it was him.

Or maybe it was Ted Kennedy.

Either way, it was br00tal.
Teambuilding (sortof) trip in grade 9, My headmaster thought that the girls cabin was going to do something to the guys. So he suggested getting the pies left over from that nights dinner and throwing them at them. It ended up with a huge pile of garbage from the girls overturning a rather large garbage can on our cabin porch, a girl punching a guy in the face (It was great lol). Also my friends dumped a huge thing of water on a girlk right in their cabin door so water got on everything. Then after it was all over our headmaster made us apoligize. The whole time i was watching it from our cabin window with another friend. The next day all the girls blamed it on me, and my english teacher thought I lied to keep from having to clean up.

This year we went to universal studios for Rock the Universe. My friend asked some guy for his blow-up bats (the rubber things). He hit him across the face with it when the guy gave it to him. We also all layed down in the street in the park creating a road block. Then we linked arms an ran down the street and i pulled my friend into this girls chest on accident and kept pulling cause I didnt notice.

(Not on a trip but still fun). We we're outside for biology class last year and we were supposed to be getting leaf samples or something, but me and three of my friends went down to this creek and got in. One of my friends left and we just kept going. We came back halfway through the next period soaking wet.

On a school trip to the beach, me and some friends snuck out at like two AM. We had a senior for our champerogne (sp?). Conversation went like this:
*Talking to my friend*
Senior: Shut up it's 2 am!
We pause sort of shoked.
Senior: Wanna go swimming?
One time, I was on a trip to Washington D.C., and I saw Elvis.

I swear, it was him.

Or maybe it was Ted Kennedy.

Either way, it was br00tal.

Senator IHATECHILDREN, you are no Jack Kennedy.
Barry White is cooler than you
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I went on a paintballing trip in wet wales once and my bUd took his mask off and his left eye popped like an egg when he was shot. gAy thing that happen though was that the instructor was more pissed off with him than anything...whilst he was like screaming. (no pics, mobile phones were banned from the game )

It was awful. I was mentally scarred.
Weekend trip to York (history, vikings and such).
We nearly got into a fight with a french school cos they were throwing ****. I nearly threw my drink at them and went to run at them but a teacher stopped me.
Also sustained many injuries from doing an action run with rolls to music for others' amusement.
All night me and the guys I was with were taking the piss of the guy in the next room, was funny as feck.
Also some guys who thought it'd be cool to "sneak" around, donned balaclavas and ran aruond the youth hostel we were in. The teachers were flat out after 10 minutes.
Was an okay trip.
Our ROTC went on a trip like that to Camp Minden, a National Guard Base/Teenage Boot Camp

It was pretty awesome. They had the guys in guilly suits (I think that may be how it's spelled?) hanging around letting us play with their M24s

And there was a war simulator where everybody in a group of five got a machine gun and magazine (no bullets in it though) and these little men would pop up on the screen and you would have to shoot them, and everytime you pulled the trigger the speakers would be all "boom boom" and a shot of air would go through a tube connected to the gun making it slam into your shoulder. Not to mention we're really country people so we had alot of fun with that. But we spent most of our trip standing in line for it.

And there was this one kid from another school that made a Pokemon joke that I lol'd at.
"Pikachu - like I Pik-a-chu in the shower?"

No spiraling out of control but it was a pretty sweet trip
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