This summer, I plan on really honing my chops. Like, spending every spare moment improving on my playing and aural skills.
Sadly, I don't make the kind of dough to have a lesson every week, so i'd rather have something I can watch over and over again before I get the technique/theory down completely.
I don't any experience with the guitar instruction DVD's on the market right now, so which ones have you tried and found that they were really helpful?

I play mostly blues and classic rock, but I would also want to look into a DVD (or several) which focuses on general music theory.


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I'd look into John Petrucci's Rock Discipline. I'm definitely going to buy it whenever I have some extra cash. I watched it at a friend's house once and it definitely seems like something that would improve one's playing.

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Well, you can learn theory off the internet for free, I haven't heard of any DVDs that just teach theory, I don't even own any guitar DVDs, I just use Guitar Pro and YouTube to replace DVDs, I have a teacher though, but I'm learning classical off him.

Intense Rock by Paul Gilbert, gives you a ton of scales and exercises to noodle around with.
The Warren Haynes hotlicks videos are excellent, as are the Joe Pass ones, specifically the Blue Side of Jazz.