how in the @#$# do i connect 2 humbuckers to a dpdt on/off/on mini switch with 6 lugs on the backlets say top left lug is #1 , bottom right lug is #6 (everyone gets it)
I want pos 1 neck hum,
pos 2 off
pos 3 bridge hum

I cant seem to get them to turn off completely..

is there a special way to ground them.
when the switch is to the left, it connects both 1 and 2, also 4 and 5

when the switch is in the middle, nothing is connected

when the switch is to the right, it connects both 2 and 3, and 5 and 6

forgive me if i'm wrong

EDIT: I just realized this didn't answer your question... What kind of pickups do you have?
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i have PRS Dragon II's
the have 3 conductors
1 hot
1 coil tap (which is like the red and white wires together on a SD)
1 ground
and of course the sleeve
does each pup have its own hot lead from the switch to the volume, or is there a master volume from the switch to the volume.
not to hijack the thread, although I'm pretty sure I'm asking the exact same question...

with an on/on/on switch how (or can you) do you wire for neck-kill-bridge?
The reason it won't go 'completely off' is b/c the pups are just switched out of the circuit and the pots pick up noise and feed it to the signal path. What you have to do is ground the signal. I don't think it can be done with the switch you describe, TS. Same goes for livrockdie. You need a seperate switch (SPST) to turn the guitar 'off' (aka killswitch).