So I'm at an interesting place...recently I've started to be able to compose decent, original solos, but I've been having trouble with coming up with good original riffs. I'll come up with something that sounds good, and two days later realize why I recognized it, because I'd heard it before.

anyone else been in this boat?

what'd you do to break it?
take the riff and move it around the fret board. Any little bits that the use as filler, make up your own.
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take a rifft you like from a song and move it around,if it was orignily high make it low or try to play it back wards? i don't no just throin out ideas
I've done that before. It gets frustrating because I think, "YES! This sounds so good!" And then I hear it on the radio xD

Just got to keep trying man, eventually you'll come up with something you like that's original. Try those methods above though.
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Ahaha I have that same problem D;
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