It's a Japanese Squier Strat from the SQ Series in excellent condition. It's one of the earliest models dating 1983, the ones built to USA 70's specs, including the micro tilt function. It was originally black, now its been stripped to its natural wood, unveiling a beautiful grain. Neck is straight as an arrow and plays Wonderfully, very smooth. It's been recently setup with .10's.

SN# SQ21503

I'm looking for a small tube amp "either "head or combo". I'm starting a new band and I could use a smaller, lighter amp for rehearsals... cause for those purposes my twin is just overkill! (80lbs!) The only SS amp I'd consider would be a roland JC. Thanks!

wow... thats very nice for a squire
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The wood is alder. The SQ series has become highly collectible during the last couple of years, you can search for more info on it. The earlier models like mine SQ2..."Feb 1983" where designed to USA 70's strat specs including the micro tilt function on the neck, which is what's really nice about these guitars, their smooth playability.

Hi there,

I'm in Sanford, FL. I'd rather trade it straight up for an amp at this moment, but sure enough, I'll consider an offer too. PM me one and maybe we can work something out