Is it an irrational fear to worry that while I am in basic training [army] my friends will surpass me musically and be way way better than me when I get out. My friend who plays bass is getting a guitar, (I'm a guitarist) and my other friend who is better theory wise but not as good technique wise will be able to practice all the time. It's not really a competition or anything but it is a big worry of mine, and I'm worried that when I can play guitar again I won't want to.

i'm pretty sure boot camp is only like 3 months.

it's not THAT long to be away from a guitar.
In basic you can't have anything really aside from maybe MAYBE books and letters. I've been told they send your clothing home.
No...they threw all our crap and locked it in a room.
Don't take anything to basic.

We had a double bass drum set up and wall of marshalls in our dorm room
when I got to my main station
There's even a music room at the rec center with nice set ups: Strats, Les Pual...ect. It was the USAF thou.
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Is it an irrational fear to worry


Completely, totally, utterly.

You're not even worried about anything important, but even if you were, worry
has to be the most useless, energy-sucking, self-defeating brain state you could
choose to be in.

It's like a car with a big engine and no transmission. Step on the gas and all it does
is make a lot of noise, burns up energy fast and doesn't do anything or take you
^ +1

Even if they do surpass you, don't bother worrying about it. Not like you can do anything anyway. And if they do surpass you, what's stopping you from surpassing them after boot camp?
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i'm pretty sure boot camp is only like 3 months.

it's not THAT long to be away from a guitar.

thats AGES!!!!

yes.. worry much.. people can improve SO much in 3 months.. come on, I teach guitar!
You wont believe how fast my students go from not knowing how many strings are on your average guitar to learnin the theory behind jimi hendrix

yeh... be worried

but hey, lots of good song inspiration could come from army trainin
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3 days without guitar is insanely long for me

Agreed im thinking about buying another to bring to work. 2 15min coffie breaks 1 30 min lunch break 5 days a week thats 5 hours i could add lol. Ill just have to eat my sandiwich on the clock.

TS You confusious once said " A man seeks acceptance from others. A wise man seeks acceptence from within ". Which means care about yourself not about them. Since you cant practice at bootcamp dont worry about it or smuggle in a guitar. If they give you any personal time to read then read a music theory book.

Do you think your friends are really gonna be like "dude we practiced our balls off for 3 months were to good for you to jam with us now sorry... " I doubt it and if so its time for new friends.

Me personally i would build my gun into a guitar at night while the drill seagant was asleep....
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