I've been looking at the Ibanez jem and the ESP KH2
recommendations are appreciated and opinions too on those guitars

I play rock to metal, not very much blues stuff or anything like that

Any recommendations for under $2,200~ USD as a good guitar that should last me a while
The JEM. ibanezes are sweet. Steve Vai is sweet. there probably equal in all cases but pick-ups. emg are just boring though. you can get multiple metal tones from the jem! just get it!
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Any ESP. They rock my socks off. I've had Ibanez guitars before and the electronics suck, I know from the guitar tech that so do jacksons and I think those three are the big players for metal. In addition, since ESP is a smaller company, you get more for your dollar with an ESP rather than gibson or fender. Go for the ESP.
yeah they're nice, but i'd recommend getting something other than a signature series. you can usually get more for your money.
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KH2 is a waste of money.

I would say get a different ESP, like a Horizon
Or try out a Jackson SL1/SL2h Soloist, they are incredible.
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