Alright, as I have no experience with woodworking and no woodworking equipment at my disposal, I decided to do this the noob's way and just buy the parts 'n assemble them:

1 Mighty Mite MM2900 Rosewood Strat neck, 22 frets, 9.5in radius
1 Mighty Mite mm2700 Ash Strat body, HSH routed, white finish
1 tortoise shell pickguard
White controls

Seymour Duncan pups:
a Custom 5 SH-14 in the bridge, a Custom Staggered SSL-5 in the middle, and a Vintage Flat SSL-2 in the neck.

should end up looking something like this:

but with a little more beef and versatility.

Funding the project with a job this summer. Should run me about 85 USD for the neck, 125 for the body, 150 for the pups, 50 for some half decent locking tuners, 50 for a half decent hardtail bridge, and I'm guessing in the range of 50 for shipping.

What do you guys think? Or should I just buy a MIM Strat and upgrade the pickups?
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if you give me time i could sell you a body , bridge, controls and pick guard for less but i wont be sure i have it for sell until Tuesday :S im going to buy a beat up strat for the pups/electronics and neck to build a mustang

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I'm actually broke right now :/

this is just speculation, I will start buying parts one by one once I get a steady paycheck (which should be in about two weeks)
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dude, make it all yourself. Neck and all. As long as you have access to a band saw, router and electric sander... your set! Well you need some clamps, but those are small things. If you don't and wanna be conservative... then go for it!
yes I do. It's not that hard. Make a template, trace, cut. No biggie. If I did it my first time 'round... I am sure others can too! Mine was 3 pieces even. You could do a 1 piece or OAR as some call it. It'd be lovely for sustain and a bit different as most fenders are bolt ons